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Gizem Turşucu

Who is Gizem Turşucu?

As a young, dynamic, well-equipped, ambitious, and passionate individual, I offer my education and experiences in the esteemed and professional real estate sector for your benefit. Throughout my career, the knowledge and experience I have gained have equipped me with the ability to provide the best service in the industry. During my work, I have taken great care to understand my clients' needs and offer them the most suitable solutions. In this process, I have not been content with just my current knowledge; I have continuously sought to learn new information and improve myself.

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Consultancy on Market Conditions and Pricing


Property Marketing and Advertising Services


Real Estate Buying, Selling, and Leasing Consultancy


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Frequently Asked Questions

The property purchasing process starts with analyzing the client's needs and budget. Next, suitable properties are visited and evaluated, followed by the completion of the sales transaction. Throughout the process, all legal procedures and documentation are managed by the consultant.

Property valuation is carried out by considering the location of the property, its physical characteristics, market conditions, and prices of similar properties. A detailed report is prepared by professional valuation experts.

The rental process begins with the marketing of the property. Potential tenants are interviewed, and once a suitable tenant is selected, a rental agreement is prepared and signed by both parties. Additionally, support is provided for rent payments and any necessary assistance throughout the rental agreement term.

Customer Comments

Ali AvşarAli Avşar

In the real estate sector, The best option is ...

Firuze ZorluFiruze Zorlu

I was born and raised in Antalya. Until I met Mrs. Gizem, I couldn't decide which area in Antalya to invest in. I have been working with her for 3 years now. I started living abroad. For the past 2 years, my investments have been entrusted to her. If you want to work with someone reliable, smart, and who truly knows their job and get results from your investments, don't hesitate for a minute.

Merve KocabinMerve Kocabin

She not only supported us in selling our house in Antalya but also in Ankara. She facilitated a smooth process for us by entrusting us to reliable individuals known to her in the sale of our house. She also supported us in the purchase of our new property after the sale. Thanks to her, we bought our new house without any loss. She is a trustworthy name you can rely on for investment, no matter where you are in Turkey. Thank you, Mrs. Gizem.