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About Me

Who Is Gizem Turşucu?

I was born in Antalya in 1995. I completed my undergraduate education on a full scholarship in the Tourism and Hotel Management Department at Bilkent University, where I was admitted with first place. During my education, I participated in student clubs under the university's umbrella, took part in national projects, and played on a licensed sports team. Additionally, I attended various certification programs at Essec Business School in France.

While continuing my university education and afterward, I advanced my career by working with the best in the industry. I worked at Istanbul Çırağan Palace, the Turkish Ministry of Culture & Tourism, and Marriott International. With the experience I gained, I contributed to my career by working in Sales and Marketing in Qatar for a year to be more beneficial to my country. This allowed me to interpret different geographies and observe the Turkish market from an external perspective.

I have had colleagues, clients, and friends from almost every corner of the world. I have always worked with the ambition to learn new information and improve myself. In addition to my experiences, I continuously invest in myself by taking ongoing training. These experiences and accumulated knowledge have been the most integrative elements in providing the high-quality service that the real estate sector deserves. I continue to work not to be better than someone else but to advance the success of yesterday and ensure continuity.

In summary,
As a young, dynamic, well-equipped, ambitious person who loves his job, I offer my education and experiences to serve you in the esteemed and professional real estate sector in which I work.